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Fall 2013 Symposium-Planning Practices that Matter:Housing for Resilient Cities

The MIT Resilient Cities Housing Initiative (RCHI) convened its inaugural symposium in Fall 2013 to identify and highlight some of the most innovative examples of planning projects and policies that address urban housing problems. What kinds of transformations have effectively addressed the housing and housing-related needs of under served low-income people in a safe, equitable, and sustainable manner? Housing, in this context, needs to be conceptualized as an important piece of what it takes to foster a resilient city. Housing by itself cannot be “resilient” unless it also helps residents cope with the simultaneous challenges of urban violence, dysfunctional governance, economic struggle, and a changing climate. The symposium grapples with the barriers to resilient housing by engaging in a multidisciplinary approach to evaluating “success”.
rchi symposium nov15-16 Panelist Bios
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