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RCHI Case Study:Yerwada housing, Pune

Yerwada Base The Yerwada project is a slum redevelopment project located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It provides integrated development of these informal communities through an in-situ up-gradation of shelter, services and amenities.The project is a great example of infrastructure development and incremental up-gradation in a rapidly urbanizing urban context faced with constrained resources and high densities.. The NGO and the communities support in establishing temporary transit housing within the neighborhood for all the beneficiaries minimized displacement and ensured livelihood sustenance for this extremely vulnerable segment of the community. By undertaking the task of designing 500 custom designed homes in favor of standard house types, a challenging task successfully accomplished in spite of the limited funds, the project team gave primacy to building homes not houses. This approach in project development has helped people retain a great sense of ownership to their homes. Quality of life, safety and security has improved dramatically for people who lived in temporary substandard accommodation and now have permanent houses with secure tenure. For detailed case study

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